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Try Authentic Vietnamese Food Today

Pho House is a family business offering delicious Vietnamese cuisine. We love introducing customers to authentic pho dishes.

Authentic Noodle Shop

Our noodle dishes are just as delicious as the soup. For your protein, you can choose grilled pork, beef, chicken, or shrimp. All noodles dishes are made fresh in our restaurant and they are packed with flavor. If you’re not in the mood for noodles, you can try a Vietnamese sandwich. Our banh mi is served on a fluffy baguette.

Fresh Egg Rolls

Our fresh egg rolls are the ideal appetizer for your group. They are fried to perfection with a filling of pork and shrimp. We have veggie egg rolls, too.

Boba Teas

Our Vietnamese teas are the perfect addition to any meal. We have boba tea, Vietnamese coffee, and Thai tea. These sweet tea drinks are a customer favorite, especially on hot days.


Visit us to try the best pho and noodles in Washington, DC! You can also order Vietnamese takeout from our restaurant by calling (202) 588-8888!

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What Is Pho?

Experience authentic Vietnamese cuisine

Pho is our signature dish and a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup. This soup is healthy, flavorful, and filling. It features rice noodles in a beef bone broth with protein like steak, beef slices, or chicken. We serve our soup topped with fresh vegetables for flavor.


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